highlighted recent articles

  • 2017. Spatial, seasonal, and climatic predictive models of Rift Valley Fever disease across Africa. Redding, D.W., Tiedt, S., Lo Iacano, G., Bett, B., and K.E. Jones. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Biology. 372:20160165

  • 2017. The global distribution and drivers of alien bird species richness. Dyer, E., et al. PLoS Biology 15:e2000942.

  • 2016. Environmental-mechanistic modelling of the impact of global change on human zoonotic disease emergence: A case study of Lassa fever. Redding, D.W., Moses, L.M., Cunningham, A.A., Wood, J., and K.E. Jones. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. BBC News article

  • 2016. Acoustic identification of Mexican bats based on taxonomic and ecological constraints on call design. Zamora-Gutierrez, V., Lopez-Gonzalez, C., Gonzalez, M.S., Fenton, B., Jones, G., Kalko, E.K.V., Puechmaille, S.J., Stathopoulos, V., and KE Jones. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. BBC News article, Science article.

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