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postdoctoral positions

We occasionally have postdoctoral assistantships on offer within the group and any current positions will be advertised here. If you are interested in developing a postdoctoral fellowship idea of your own within the group then please email a short description of your project idea to Prof. Jones and we can arrange to chat over coffee about possible funding opportunities (for example, NERC Independent Research Fellowship, Newton International Fellowship, Marie Curie Research Fellowship).

phd studentships

If you are interested in doing a PhD in the group, then please get in touch with Prof. Jones to chat about project ideas. To receive funding you will need to make an application to one of the Doctoral Training Partnerships within London, for example The London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership, UCL Graduate Research Scholarships, or UCL Commonwealth Scholarships. There are calls for applications each year, so see their websites for procedures and deadlines.

masters & undergraduate research projects

If you aren’t quite ready to do a PhD, but you want to get involved in the group’s research, then Prof. Jones directs UCL’s Research Masters Program (MRes) in Biodiversity, Evolution & Conservation and supervises a number of these MRes projects each year. Prof. Jones also supervises a few UCL’s 4th Year MSci projects each year, so get in touch if you are interested in carrying out your final year within the group. Finally, we have a number of interns in the group who spend six months with us to gain experience (we are only able to cover costs). Get in touch if you like the sound of that.

london is AWESOME

London is an amazing place to study biodiversity, ecology, evolution and conservation, with many world leading scientists located here within London universities and institutions like the Natural History Museum, Zoological Society of London and Kew Gardens. If you are interested in hearing about the research going on within London then join the mailing list of the Centre for Ecology & Evolution (CEE).